Student Agenda Items
  1. Recommendations from external review
    • Jim: the 90-page report has been sent to education coordinators and committee chairs. They will release the panel's recommendations in the near future after having reviewed and potentially established action items. Review seemed favourable, fair, and practical.
  2. Updates from JP reps
    1. Reminder for upcoming ODGE funding application
    2. Deadline March 1.
    3. Steinbach Scholars
    4. Please send nominations for Geology, Chemistry and AOSE Steinbach Scholars before March, then we'll vote. Chemistry has had a number of nominations, requesting more for AOSE and Geology especially.
    5. T-shirts
    6. Sophie is in charge. She's in Spain. We should hear something "very soon."
    7. Other announcements:
      1. Please keep the student center tidy. Clean up after yourselves, etc.
      2. Send photo board photos to Net if you have not already.
  3. Student center (new carpeting and couch are great) - Becca Jackson
  4. Carpet looks great! Thanks APO.
  5. Gym options
    1. Anytime fitness is a fabulous option
    2. BUT what about all of the gym equipment that used to be in Little Harbor? This should be made available to any JP student who wishes to use it, not just a select few, and could be particularly valuable for those who only spend a few days a week in Woods Hole and therefore don’t have access to the Anytime Fitness deal
    • Becca: Is there any chance of reviving the JP gym that used to be in Little Harbor?
    • Max: Where is the equipment?
    • Jim: Equipment is in Receiving. Some folks have borrowed things (weights, etc). Two treadmills are currently being used in Fenno at noon by some employees. No good place for it, really. We haven’t thought about using it, and really don’t want to use it. It could be a possibility to get access to treadmills in Fenno basement. Idea was to establish the Anytime Fitness subsidy in order to eliminate need of providing facilities for exercise.
    • Contact Peggy Daly in development.
    • Izi: Need to fill niche of folks here one-two days a week with no vehicle. Treadmills would be helpful here. Or a gym shuttle from Winding Lane if needed.
    • Jim: Are there rules for guest use/shorter use at Anytime Fitness? We are reluctant to set up another room with gym access.
    • Alec: Based on initial survey years ago, most were full-time students at WHOI, hence the rules.
    • Meghan: Can we eliminate the clause of the full-time student for the gym subsidy?
    • Jim: Perhaps. Could maybe negotiate. How many students are involved, what year they are, that would need gym.
    • Jenny: Could we do another survey with more up-to-date information about where students are living and what their needs are.
    • Action Item: New survey to students for gym needs, logistics.
  6. Library services (Julie van der Hoop)
    • Both MIT and MBL-WHOI Library are part of the same library consortium and have the exact same access to inter-library loans. Use the inter-library loan service at the library where you are based, as books cannot be picked up by anyone other than you due to confidentiality issues.
  7. Media office (Julie van der Hoop)
    • Get involved with the media office: send images of the day, tell your story, get involved.
    • Media office wants to do press releases for your papers to increase awareness of you, your work, your lab, the institution. Communicate your science. They will help.
    • But be sure that you are following appropriate safety protocol in the photos you submit!
  8. Desire for change in bus schedule (Deepa Rao)
    • Deepa: Could we revisit the bus schedule change to have an earlier time?
    • Jay: Bus doesn't get back any earlier if we leave 30 min earlier, due to traffic.
    • Stephen: better to have it later for traffic, and spending more time here outside of class hours for those who do a commute in a single day.
    • Julia Westwater: will send out another poll.
  9. Disconnect between engineers and the rest of the JP (Jenny Wehof)
    • Sentiment really echoed in report from review committee. Engineers face the same issues of disconnect as between MIT and WHOI. We should incorporate more social events at MIT for the JP (Muddy Charles, etc). Could there be an MIT
    • based JP Community rep, to plan social events up there. Could we do a frequent but small event similar to buffins/social hours up there?
    • JP Lounge at MIT? Lots of folks are part of EAPS, lots of resources in EAPS for those in EAPS but that's not the joint program. What about AOSE and Bio? We don't have a place to go to interact with other JP students, even within our departments.
    • Can we video-conference more seminars, please? So many student-based seminars at WHOI are missed at MIT. Engineering class schedules are not aligned with JP, complicating the commute for seminars alone.
    • Jim: Where would the VC go to at MIT? Can ask Ronni.
    • Ed: More an issue of scheduling rooms, there are many available, and some that may be more convenient for engineers.
    • Alec: Space at MIT is a huge issue. While the 8th floor office in EAPS was intended to be for anyone in the JP, not just EAPS, the office opened at the same time as we were closed out of E25. In the end, it provided a replacement as opposed to more space.
    • Guy: administrative structure of JP at WHOI and at MIT are different, complicating the integration of students/departments.
    • Jim: Would engineering students be willing to go to seminar?
    • Julia: only issue with VC if people consistently don't show up
    • Jenny: send survey to AOSE students to get a feel for interest, per semester (because schedules change).
    • Izi: can we also try to VC seminars from MIT to WHOI? 9th floor video conferencing is really critical, considering the number of seminars there.
    • Meg: Re space: can schedule meeting rooms in the libraries if you need a lounge-type area to study and interact. Spaces are often empty.
    • Ed: 9th floor VC system may be a security issue and this may be the reason behind it.
    • Jay: You can apply for recurring social event funds from reps (and it's a great idea).
    • Max: Reps frequently google hangout to meetings, so location shouldn't be a limitation of coming to the meetings and bringing up these issues. Join us and talk to us about specific concerns of engineering students via google hangout. Apply for social funds in the online form, quick and simple.
    • Jenny: this does require someone to take the initiative to organize MIT event.
    • Many reps based at MIT: Max, Pedro, Jay
    • Izi: The more we can spread out responsibility for doing JP things, the better. Anyone can take initiative, and it helps if it's not just reps who do.
    • Cara: Does EAPS welcome all JP students at things e.g. cookie hour? Could engineers go to cookie hour?
    • Stephen: I wasn't chased away, but it is important to foster a JP community as opposed to just EAPS with strangers. Engineers and biologists often feel they are masquerading wherever they go (do not fit in with either department).
    • Alec: We should invite ODGE again to share these feelings with them.
    • Jim: This isolation of engineers is not new. We don't want to move them out of their labs, but we do want to integrate them more, e.g. JP retreat.
  10. What is happening with JP Bio in regards to MIT Bio (Megan May)
    • Megan: Biology has a lot of the same problems as engineering. No access to EAPS things (building access outside hours), zero overlap with MIT biology. Space issue for biology students as well. Difficulty with cross-registration to Harvard, etc can also be isolating (even less overlap at MIT). Intentional MIT JP social events would be helpful.
    • Jim: Office space is accessible to any JP student. But - swipe cards we can’t get in to the building?
    • Max: If you need building access, talk to Ronni. But larger issue of getting the office space is good.
    • Ben: What about getting on EAPS mailing lists?
    • Max: Anyone can be added to eaps-students if you request it. Max will forward info. Otherwise, speak with Vicki McKenna to be added to all EAPS mailing lists.
    • Could this be added to new student orientation materials?
    • Meg: Please send us minutes/action items and then we can communicate to new students and current students. Email Meg if you want desk space at MIT. Seriously. Otherwise we find out way too late.
    • Jim: Ann Tarrant has been looking at any MIT faculty that might be interested in becoming more integrated. Dennis Kim, Jonathan King, Eric Lander, Michael Laub,... WHOI is trying to approach them to invite them to participate in our program. We need more partners up there as Ed DeLong, Roman Stocker are leaving/have left. Issue is that MIT biology is extremely different than ecology at WHOI, leading to this fundamental disconnect. Also possibility to speak with folks in Course 1. A lot depends on who gets hired. Fournier new in EAPS - evolutionary biologist.
APO Agenda Items
  1. Finances (Jim)
    • We are more constrained by finances than in the past. We ran a large deficit last year. JP Is the biggest part of APO budget. Money we spend on faculty teaching and advising is largest part of JP budget. Student finances also important. Trying to enforce, with some flexibility, the courses that are taught. If students are merely auditing a course, they do not count towards the three-student rule. Classes can be ~$120,000/semester.
    • Grading vs. pass-fail makes no difference for credits, but you receive no credits as a listener and do not contribute to the three-student rule. Take a course pass/fail, get the credit, it won't affect your GPA, and it will increase enrollment.
    • Why doesn't it help to have MIT students who are not JP students taking a class?
      • Because they don't fit in to the tuition equation. Financially doesn't "matter" but culturally it should.
    • If you're in 5th year and foresee yourself needing more time, please come talk to APO ASAP to allow them to plan finances accordingly.
    • What about JP classes that have historically been taught by MIT faculty that have since retired? If it's taught by a JP faculty, why doesn't MIT pay for that?
      • Lacking a mechanism to pay for salaries that way. Operates on a bit of a barter system.
    • Could encourage advisors to encourage students to take electives as advanced students. There definitely exists pressure to not take classes, which needs to be considered.
  2. New dorm (Jim)
    • Almost on the verge of implementing a new dorm. Ground breaking this spring. Not for JP students, but for summer undergraduates and guest students. Dorm style, not like Winding Lane, which will be sold in around a year or so.
    • Dorm will be located at Oyster Pond, along the other wall. Not a condo-style.
    • Have not worked out transportation issues. Ongoing discussion. Shuttle stops will be added, and have discussed other (more expensive) options. Pressure to build a road from Clark to Receiving, stopping by Winding Lane, but it's a million dollar project.
      • Transportation solution needs to be in place before selling WL. A few extra shuttle stops will not be adequate.
      • Even some signs in the woods would help a lot.
      • Suggestion: Survey current students living in OP re what could be improved for transportation.
  3. Admissions Update (Meg)
    • Admitted 32 students (2 Navy students). Open house at MIT will be joint with EAPS/PAOC.
      • Lots of time felt wasted at EAPS events as a non-EAPS applicant. Can we go to something else instead?
        • Have to check with schedule, but could work something in. ~30-45 min slot to work with. Andone liasing with MIT engineering for open house.
    • Trying to be more aggressive re: admitting students this year
    • More effort to have MIT-based graduate students as well
  4. Mentoring workshop in Spring (Meg)
    • Informal workshop ~1hr: 10-15 min presentation about good mentoring, what mentoring options are, etc. Open for general 45 min discussion with anonymous scenarios of conflict between you/advisor, or mentoring questions. E.g., authorship, working remotely, etc. Separate just students, then just faculty.
    • Could we create an anonymous contribution form to protect confidentiality? Sure, can send comments through JP rep website ( to be forwarded to Meg.
    • Will attendance be mandatory for faculty?
      • Hard to make things mandatory, but could be encouraged/required.
    • Potentially before the bus leaves on a Tuesday or Thursday.
  5. Courses (Jim)
    • BU vs BC vs Northeastern courses can be considered if credits can transfer.
  6. Commencement (Julia)
    • Every five years we have WHOI commencement! June 6, Saturday. Faculty and students march, trustees here. Alumni meeting, career panel discussion, BBQ Friday. Commencement and luncheon on Saturday.
  7. Cramer Cruise?
    • Not happening this summer, as it's in the Mediterranean. Discussing possibilities for what to do with incoming students this year, and what to do in the future.